Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 12 Page 89


[Lucifer, Vol. V, No. 29, January, 1890, p. 437; The Theosophist, Vol.
XI, Supplement to March, 1890, p. cv]

Theosophical Society, Esoteric Section London, 25th December, 1889.

I hereby appoint Colonel H. S. Olcott my confidential agent and sole official representative of the Esoteric Section for Asiatic countries.
All correspondence relative to admission into, and resignation from, the Section shall be referred to him, and all Instructions transmitted by him, and his decision is to be taken and accepted as given by myself. Such correspondence to be invariably marked "Private" on the envelope.
(Signed) H. P. BLAVATSKY.


[The above appointment was followed in Lucifer by a brief statement signed by H.P.B. and which is reproduced herewith:]

The members of the Esoteric Section in London and the surrounding district have formed themselves into a Lodge, for the purpose, among other things, of stimulating Theosophical activity and organizing members of the Society into active groups of workers. It is hoped that, in this way, they may become useful to the Society at large.
No member need apply for admission into the E.S. unless he is prepared to adopt in full the three objects of the T.S. and to become practically an earnest worker for Theosophy.