Blavatsky Collected Writings Volume 12 Page 58


[Lucifer, Vol. V, No. 28, December 15, 1889, pp. 344, 351]

[In connection with a lecture delivered by Dr. Jerome A. Anderson at a meeting of the San Francisco Free-thought Society, in which he had been reported to have said that “the spiritual monad in man was given individual persistence only during one manvantara, or cycle of material existence.”]

This sentence must not be misunderstood as it is reported a little too vaguely. The “Spiritual Monad” is eternal because uncreate, but its “Individual persistence”—in human form and bodies on this terrestrial chain or during the life-cycle, lasts only “one manvantara.” This does not prevent the same Spiritual Monad starting at the end of Maha-pralaya (the Grand Age of Rest) into another higher and more perfect “life-cycle with the fruit of the accumulated experiences of all the personalities the “individual” Ego (manas) had informed.

[Commenting on a sentence in Nizida’s The Astral Light (London: Theos. Publishing Co.) which ran: “The thought substance of the universe, i.e., the astral light . . .”]

According to Occult teaching the Astral light is not the “thought substance” of the Universe, but the recorder of every thought; the universal mirror which reflects every event and thought as every being and thing, animate or inanimate. We call it the great Sea of Illusion, Maya.— (Ed.)