Volume 11, Blavatsky Collected Writings Page 481


[Lucifer, Vol. V, No. 26, October, 1889, pp. 168-169]

For the 27,599th time, Mr. Richard Harte, in his official capacity as editor of The Theosophist assures the world, that “the Theosophical Society does not advocate or promulgate any opinions, has no creed and belongs to no party,” and for the 27,599th time nobody believes what he says; because we have only to open at random any page of The Theosophist, to find it filled with the most vituperative language and the vilest abuse of everything that does not bear the stamp of Adyar; i.e., the “imprimatur” of Richard Harte. Moreover, it is an old played-out jesuitical trick; to attempt to distinguish between a church and the members of which that church is composed, and to say that no matter how wicked the clergy or the representatives of a sect may be, their villany does not affect the sanctity of the church or sect. A sect can have no existence apart from the members of which it is composed, and if the representatives of such a sect advocate certain doctrines and denounce everybody as being a fool who will not accept them—then these doctrines must be regarded as belonging to that sect as a whole.

“One who has been a Reader of The Theosophist, but
who does not want any more of it. In the name of many
who are in the same predicament.”

The above is inserted because it is our invariable rule to publish rather reproofs than laudation from our correspondents. If you want to know yourself ask your enemies, not your friends, to describe you; and however great the exaggerations, you will find more truth, and profit more by the opinion of the former than by that of those who love you. But so much conceded, and agreeing that the acting editor of The Theosophist may often deserve blame for his ill-tempered remarks, dictated to him, however, only by his sincere zeal for, and devotion to, Theosophy, if his remarks are contradictory and untheosophical, so are the present


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observations of our correspondent. Both are members of the T.S., both act untheosophically and therefore both “affect the sanctity of Theosophy, or the body of its followers.” Moreover, when the President returns to Adyar in January next, it is he who will take once more The Theosophist into his hands. Meanwhile, it is true to say, as he good-naturedly does in the September No. (p. 763), that Mr. Harte is inexperienced in the rôle of theosophical editorship. “He (the acting editor), has not got me into quite as many rows as Mark Twain did his Editorial Chief, but he may in time!” adds Colonel Olcott. “Forgive and forget,” if you are a Theosophist.—Editor, Lucifer.