Volume 11, Blavatsky Collected Writings Page 417


[Lucifer, Vol. V, No. 25, September, 1889, pp. 52, 55]

[In connection with the statement of Annie Besant during a public debate that “Christian missionaries approached the Coulombs and offered them money if they would fabricate charges which would discredit” H.P.B.]

The Coulombs “earned their money,” well, this is undeniable. But that they never got it all is as undeniable; those who had not scrupled to bribe, did not stop at cheating people who had so well served them.—(ED.)


[In connection with a claim of T. H. Burgoyne that he had thoroughly elucidated ancient Chaldean Astrology, “after eighteen years of incessant labour, study and practice.”]

This guru must have begun then his “incessant labour, study and practice” when ten years of age (?). For, in the “Extract from a report of the proceedings at the Leeds Borough Sessions in the Leeds Mercury of January 10, 1883,” before us, we find that one Thomas Henry Dalton, later alias d’Alton, alias Burgoyne, alias Corrini, Stella,” etc., etc., grocer, was in that year 27 years old. We have undeniable proofs corroborated by a photograph that the “Burgoyne” of the “H.B. of L.,” Dalton the enterprising (grocer) of Leeds, and the author of The Light of Egypt— helped of course by several others whom we know—are identical. (ED.)