Volume 11, Blavatsky Collected Writings Page 390


[Light, London, Vol. IX, No. 450, Aug. 17, 1889, p. 400]

To the Editor of Light

By printing “dethroned” instead of “enthroned” in a sentence contained in my letter of your last week’s issue, the meaning becomes ridiculous nonsense and places me in an entirely false position.
The passage runs, “it is hardly worth while to notice ‘Colenso’s’ absurd interpretation of R. Harte’s letter to Light, namely, that the Theosophical Society has thrown Koot-Hoomi overboard and dethroned me (I was not aware or ever having been dethroned).”
I wrote, however, “I was not aware of ever having been enthroned,” which gives quite a different meaning. I hope you will give publicity to this correction and remove the very false impression caused by this unfortunate error.