Volume 11, Blavatsky Collected Writings Page 341



[Lucifer, Vol. IV, No. 23, July, 1889, pp. 427-428]

The Washington Evening Star of June the 22nd, 1889, contains an article full of the most ungentlemanly and false denunciations inspired by the ex-President of the “Gnostic Theosophical Society” (now dischartered), attacking the best Theosophists of America, the Society and the undersigned. Speaking of Occult magnetism the traducer expresses himself as follows:

I want to emphasize the dangers there are in the knowledge of these occult powers and forces without the moral stamina to use that knowledge for good.

So far so good. The “Ex-President” here repeats only that, which H. P. Blavatsky—whom he accuses in print of “tricks, fraud and deviltry”(?)—insults, [she] scorns and laughs at —was the first to teach in the T.S. and its literature. But being himself just one of those who lack “moral stamina,” he adds to it the following insinuation:—

Take an illustration of what I say, that recent very bad case of the Boston Theosophists [?] so fully exposed by the press. There is a true, real and actual psychic force. It may be used for good or for evil. Any honest theosophical society makes a study of this force and attempts to direct it toward the improvement of mankind. But such a society works quietly and never strolls about the country, etc., etc.

Everyone knows that no “Boston Theosophists” have ever been “exposed by the press” neither “fully” nor partially; but only the “Esoteric” humbug of Hiram Butler and his


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mythical adept “1,000 years old.” And it is as well known that of the “Butler” Esoteric clique, not one has ever been a member of the T.S., however much those crows tried to parade in theosophical plumage by cribbing all they could from our books. Therefore, it becomes quite evident that the intention of the ex-President of the defunct Gnostic Branch of the T.S. was to maliciously identify and connect theosophists in general with the Butlerites. He does not name Hiram Butler, but, relying upon the public ignorance, insinuates the identity; an action than which none baser or more cunning could be conceived. At the same time it is as evident that those whom he seeks to strike at are the “Esotericists” of the T.S. and the Head of the Section, as he repeatedly calls the “pledged” theosophists Mme. “Blavatsky’s dupes.”
Whether any pledged or unpledged theosophists will resent the malicious calumny and insinuation is their own concern. My humble advice is, to show the greatest contempt for an action which dishonours but the perpetrator of such a base attack. Only in view of the term “Esoteric” and “Esotericism” having been so desecrated by the Boston Butlerites; and rendered so ridiculous by the non-existent and mythical “Esoteric Theosophical Society” of America, invented by its “Perpetual President” (“perpetual peacock,” rather as neatly rendered by a Californian lady)—our Esoteric Section had better drop its name. The Council in England has decided to call it the “Arcane” instead of the “Esoteric” Section and we hope the American Council will accede to this. It has the advantage of being a name which has not been dragged in mire and ridicule by charlatans as has the term Esoteric.
Hoping this name will be sanctioned by our President, Col. H. S. Olcott, and readily adopted by the pledged members—I remain, fraternally, etc.,
(Signed) H. P. BLAVATSKY.
Head of the Arcane (late Esoteric) Section of the T.S.

Fontainebleau, July 7th, 1889.