Blavatsky Collected Writings volume 10 Page 108


[Lucifer, Vol. III, No. 13, September, 1888, pp. 69, 81-82]

[Thomas May brings forward some Scriptural data in answer to Rev. T. G. Headley’s perplexities on the subject of God and the Devil. He writes: “He is called Satan or Shethen—opposition—and also an Accuser—not, however, a false accuser—as, in the book ascribed to Job, he is represented as one of the Sons of God, who presents himself with the others, and as such is invested with superior wisdom, directing even the providence of God.” To this, H.P.B. appends the following footnote:]

This is undeniable; for we find stated in the Zohar that the “Ancient of all the Ancients” (Ain-soph, the Kabalists say, the Logos or At-tee-kah, also Hokhmah, or Wisdom, the Occultists maintain) having evolved or “created” Thorah (the law, or Dharma) hitherto hidden,

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Thorah forthwith addressed IT (the Ancient of all the Ancients) in these words: “IT, that wishes to arrange in order other things, should first arrange Itself in its (to it pertaining) Forms.” And the “Forever concealed” did follow Thorah’s advice and did so arrange its forms as to become manifested as the Universe. And if Thorah, why not Satan?