Blavatsky Collected Writings volume 10 Page 33



[Lucifer, Vol. II, No. 11, July, 1888, p. 365]

To the Editors of Lucifer.

Allow me to bring to the notice of those of your readers who may have received the pretended Bulletin de l’Isis the following facts:—
Of the three signatories of this bulletin one has been expelled from the Isis Lodge; the two others are not even members of the Theosophical Society.*
Thus neither M. Goyard, nor M. Encausse, nor M. Lejay, have henceforth any connection at all with Isis. Moreover, it is absolutely false that at the meeting, held by these gentlemen on June 23rd, a resolution was unanimously voted and accepted to the effect that an apology should be offered to M. Saint-Yves, called Marquis

* In the bulletin issued by the said gentlemen, it is questioned whether the President-Founder has the right to appoint officers pro tem. to vacant places. In the Rules of the T.S. may be found No. 7, which states: “The President-Founder has authority to designate any Fellow . . . . to perform pro tem. the duties of any office vacated by death or resignation.” In the Rules of 1888, Art. 15 (d) declares that “in case of vacancies occurring during the year it shall be competent for the President, &c., &c. . .to nominate and appoint persons to fill such vacancies.” M. Louis Dramard, the late President and Founder of “Isis,” being dead, and confusion and disputes having arisen in consequence, it was expedient to set this rule in action, and nominate, pro tem., in the name of the President-Founder, M. Gaboriau (a cofounder of the branch), as President “de l’Isis,” subject to the approval of the President in Council. Such nomination, even pro tem., was forced by the despotic and illegal actions of three persons, two of whom were not even members, and who had, nevertheless, seizing the power in their hands, proclaimed themselves as sole proprietors and directors of the destinies of l’Isis.

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d’Alveydre.* Some members formally opposed the resolution. But had it been even so, the Isis Lodge would have had no concern with it, these three gentlemen having no right to speak in the name of the Lodge. The gathering in the private rooms of M. Lejay has nothing in common with the meeting of the Isis Lodge, which took place at the same hour in the Salle Richefeu.

Yours fraternally,
F. K. Gaboriau, A. FROMENT.
President (pro tem.) of the Isis Lodge. (Hon. Secretary-Treasurer.)

* Who is M. Saint-Yves, Marquis d’Alveydre? He is not, nor ever was, a member of the Theosophical Society.