Volume 1 Page 405

[In H.P.B.’s Scrapbook, Vol. V, p. 81, there is pasted a short cutting of eight lines, the source and the date of which are unknown. It has to do with a certain Dr. Scudder who said that the Oriental nations will never become converted to Christianity until their women first become Christians, and that women can be converted only by the personal agency of women who would go there from Christian countries. Hindu women, it would appear, will not listen to male missionaries. Under this H.P.B. wrote in ink:]

I wish the Rev. may get it . . . Anyhow, the Reverend fraud may go to his Christian Hell first. Hindu women will no more listen to female flapdoodle humbugs thanks to the male cheats, who like Scudder go about deceiving the “heathen”—far less heathen than themselves.