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[In H.P.B.’s Scrapbook, Vol. VIII, p. 252, there is pasted a cutting from The Bombay Gazette of June 18, 1878, entitled “A Wonderful Discovery.” It is an account of Dr. Rotura’s method of temporarily suspending animal life. At the end of this article H.P.B. added the following remarks:]

NOTE. On the 26th of March 1877 the N. Y. World printed [see Scrapbook, IV, pp. 49-51] an account of an interview of its reporter with H.P.B., in which she said that the shepherds of Thibet understand how to cause life to be suspended in their domestic animals by manipulating a certain artery in the neck. After a desired time has passed they bring the animals to life again without harm. She used the

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words,asitappears: “I prophesy to you (the Reporter) that within a year from now scientists will discover how this is done in the case of the lower animals.”

[See in this connection H.P.B.’s Letter to the Editor of La Revue Spirite of Paris coneerning the discovery of Dr. Rotura, published in its issue of December 1879. Vide Vol. II of the present Series.]