Volume 1 Page 282

[In H.P.B.’s Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p. 163, there isa cutting from the London Spiritualist of January 25, 1878. It is a Letter to the Editor from Dr. J. M. Peebles, who is attempting to prove that there are Hindu Spiritualists by quoting the words of Peary Chand Mittra who used the expression “the nobleness of Spiritualism.” To this H.P.B. appended the following remarks in pen and ink:]

Yes, the nobleness of Spiritualism—not of modern Phenomenalism, great difference. Ask Peary Chand Mittra whether he would accept “materialized” spooks with sweating and corpse-stinking bodies for his dear “departed ones”? and see what he will answer . . . That our friend Peebles has always had a tendency to confer the name of Spiritualist on every one he met, the following is a proof.

[Here H.P.B. drew a line to a cutting on the same page entitled “Is Longfellow a Spiritualist?” in which Longfellow declines to be considered as such. H.P.B. then continues her remark thus :]

(See what Peary Chand Mittra writes on the subject of materialization. February 8, 1878. )

[Underneath H.P.B. pasted a printed picture showing the enormous figure of a native woman. The title is: “Cuzco Costumes—Woman of the Lower Order,” to which picture H.P.B. added the comment:]

at some future date—a “materialized” Angel.