Volume 1 Page 281


[In her Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p. 152, H.P.B, pasted a cutting from the London Spiritualist of January 18, 1878, which contains “Some Personal Experiences in Mediumship” from the pen of Baroness Adelma von Vay (Countess Wurmbrand). Although the writer expresses her admiration for H.P.B. in connection with Isis Unveiled, she says, however: “While our elementaries are spirits doing penance for past sin, and preparing themselves for a better state of existence, her elementals are souls which have already lost their spirits, and will themselves, in process of time, become annihilated.”
Underlining the sentence italicized above, H.P.B. wrote in pen and ink as follows:]

Quite the reverse. Never said such a thing and the “Isis” is there to show the mistake. Either the fair Baroness has not read it (with) attention, or she did not understand it.