Volume 1 Page 271

[In her Scrapbook, Vol. I, p. 70, H.P.B. pasted the last portion of an article by Emily Kislingbury entitled “Spiritualism in America,” published in The Spiritualist of London, December 14, 1877. Above the cutting, H.P.B. wrote in ink:]

Address delivered by our friend and Brahmabodhini—Emily Kislingbury before the B. N. Asson of Spiritualists in London December 1877.
Complimentary bits from it—to poor H.P.B. (poor Violet!)

[The last parenthetical remark is in blue pencil and might have been added by Col. Olcott.]


[In her Scrapbook, Vol. VII, p. 46, H.P.B. pasted another article by the same writer and wrote the following remarks on a small card decorated with coloured flowers:]

Emily Kislingbury, one of the few redeeming features of Humanity.