Volume 1 Page 220

[The Spiritual Scientist published “A Letter from D. D. Home” in its issue of July 6, 1876. The letter was written in self-defence against an anonymous “Comte” who attacked Home because he insulted a lady. In the first paragraph of this letter, Home writes as follows:

“I have ever striven to be an honest man, and I never condescended to write an anonymous letter, or to make charges sotto voce against anyone. What I say I can prove:* I sign my name. Sign yours!”

H.P.B. pasted the cutting in her Scrapbook, Vol. I, pp. 164-65, underlined as shown above, added an asterisk, and wrote in pen and ink the following remarks:]

Except in the case of anonymous and infamous letters sent to a poor lady at Geneva, traced to him (D. D. Home) and for which an English officer, a friend of Prince Wittgenstein went to flog him. His behaviour was so cowardly that the officer left in disgust, “without even whipping him a little” adds the Prince who wrote the facts to Col. Olcott.