Volume 1 Page 162

[Professor Hiram Corson of Ithaca, N.Y., in an article dated December 26, 1875, and published in the Banner of Light under the title of “The Theosophical Society and its President’s Inaugural Address,” sharply criticizes Col. Olcott’s Presidential Address of November 17, 1875, especially those portions of it which refer to Spiritualism. To the cutting of this article, as pasted in her Scrapbook, Vol. I, pp. 98-99, H.P.B. appended the following remarks:]

Oh, poor Yorick—we know him well! Aye even to having frequently seen him go to bed with his silk hat and dirty boots on. Hiram Yorick must have been drunk when he wrote this article.
See H. S. Olcott’s answer on page 112.