Volume 1 Page 95

[In H.P.B.’s Scrapbook, Vol. I, p. 39, several cuttings are pasted consisting of articles by Col. H. S. Olcott written for the Spiritual Scientist about July 15, 1875. One of these, entitled “Mutterings of a Storm,” deals with the crisis of Spiritualism, and Col. Olcott ends it with the following remarks concerning the Journal:
“Already some of the best and brightest minds among our psychologists have come to our assistance, and no paper in the world has a more talented corps of contributors. Already friends gather around us, send us money, exert themselves, without our solicitation, to get subscribers, and our young enterprise stands upon ‘rock bottom’.”

Along the side of this article, H.P.B. wrote in pen and ink:]

The Editor and Medium Gerry Brown has thanked us for our help. Between Col. Olcott & myself, H.P.B., we have spent over a 1000 dollars given him to pay his debts & support his paper. Six months later he became our mortal enemy, because only we declared our unbelief in Spirits. Oh grateful mankind . .