Volume 1 Page 29


[Beginning in 1874, and for about ten years, H.P.B. pasted a wide variety of cuttings from newspapers and magazines into Scrapbooks. There are twenty-four of them in the Archives of The Theosophical Society at Adyar, India. Every newspaper reference to the T.S. and its work, and any account thought to be of consequence for historical purposes, was pasted in these Scrapbooks. This included also cuttings of H.P.B.’s own articles and letters to Editors which had been published, and some of Col. Olcott’s contributions to various Journals of the day.
H.P.B. appended pen-and-ink and pencil remarks and comments to various statements in the text of these articles; many of these comments are humorous and are enhanced by cartoons, either drawn by herself or pasted in from some other magazine or paper, frequently with her own additions. Here and there appears some important statement of her own, not to be found anywhere else in her writings.
In the pages that follow, the reader will find all pertinent comments by H.P.B. introduced in their approximate chronological sequence, which at times is not easy to determine; some of H.P.B.’s annotations may have been added later than the time when any given article was published.—Compiler.]


[The first article definitely known to be from the pen of H.P.B. is the one in the New York Daily Graphic, entitled “Marvellous Spirit Manifestations,” with which the present Volume opens:]