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Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 17:35:47 -0500

> So, how about lucid-dreaming? Do you think its just something happening on ones head
> or does it have some kind of reality of its own?
> Could it be useful and not just entertainment?
> mika

Lucid Dreaming is an absolute essential part of the spiritual path. It will naturally happen all by itself, but there are techniques to bring it about as well. Tibetan Buddhism has yogas to help generate lucid dreaming.

As we progress spiritually, we are conscious of ourselves and our surroundings more and more. The hours spent dreaming (roughly one-third of our life) are usually wasted, but by using lucid dreaming we can express ourselves consciously when asleep as well. A Master does not need to sleep because he has learned how to dream lucidly and remains fully conscious all the time.

Jerry Schueler