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Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2000

Subject: K on "Masters and the Path"

Here is a comment by Krishnaji which my interest those interested in the book "Masters and the Path".


According to a recently published book by Sunanda Patwardhan, one time Achyut Patwardhan - the well known revolutionary Freedom Fighter in India had a conversation with Krishnaji --

Krishnaji asked "Have you read *Masters on the Path*?" to which Achyut said, "Yes. I remember everything." Krishnaji responded "Have you noticed something? Their bodies are refined bodies. But it sounds like an ordinary person when it is said that he has a beard. But it sounds like an ordinary person when it is said that he has a beard, he has such-and-such color of eyes. It is to corporealize the incorporeal. CWL has distorted the concept of the Masters and brought it to the level of idolatry."

MKR adds:

There is an interesting account of the meeting the Geoffrey Hodson had with the head of the Shankara Mutt (Ashram) in Conjeevaram near Madras. The heads of the Ashrams established by the well known Indian Reformer - Shankara Acharya (who Himself was referred to as the Avatara of one of the highest Adepts) are suspected to be high initiates and are Monks in the Indian tradition. Indian population consider these heads as spiritual leaders and even some of the highest leaders of the country consult them when dealing with great national issues.

Hence Hodson inquired the Conjeevaram Shankaracharya about Rishi Agastya who was reputed to have his residence in S. India in the hope of finding out any information or knowledge that Shankaracharya may have of this great Adept.

The response by Shankaracharya was very interesting. He said the Rishi is now in the Himalayas and that his body has been transformed and I think he added it is no more the ordinary physical one but corporeal or something to that effect.

In the above context, it worth noting the similarities of comments of two independent spiritual leaders.

mkr (Ramados)