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Links > Buddhism > Reincarnation or rebirth in in Buddhist philosophy

Buddhism Articles on Rebirth (or Reincarnation) and Karma

Karma in Buddhism [Buddha's World]
Karma and reincarnation or life after death as Buddhists generally look at this subject.
Books on karma, reincarnation and rebirth
Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and science
Buddhism on death and dying
"Good health is simply the slowest way a human being can die... author unknown"
Buddhism in a Nutshell - Rebirth
Article by Narada Thera on karma, rebirth and ignorance.
A detailed presentation of reincarnation from a Buddhist perspective. With questions and answers.
Cula-Kammavibhanga Sutta  
Buddhist text on how Action differentiates beings in terms of baseness and excellence. On the relation between karma and reincarnation.
Dharma Data: Rebirth  
A discussion on rebirth from a Buddhistic perspective.
The Jivamala - A Buddhist Practice of Purification Dealing with Reincarnation  
This site documents one individual's exploration into remembering past lives in order to be free of the bondage to those lives and gives a historical introduction into this practice.
On Reincarnation  
Article by Takashi Tsuji on the misconceptions around reincarnation.
More Buddhist books, spiritual books and gift ideas.